Reiki – the universal life energy according to Dr. Mikao Usui

Why Reiki? My story

In Thailand I came into contact with it for the first time during a free Reiki treatment – the universal life energy. I always believe only in what I can see or feel on my own and so it was an awakening for me to realize that the power of “laying on hands” really exists. This palpable experience could not be denied and has aroused my interest.

Having the ability to help people to activate their own healing powers has moved me to complete my first Reikigrad in 2019, with Roman-Christian Schnürle in Switzerland. For the second Reikigrad I travelled back to Krabi, Thailand. I received my degree as Reiki Master in October 2020.

How does a Reiki treatment work?

During a treatment I act as a conduit for the universal life energy that flows through the body of the fellow human being to activate his healing powers.

Reiki has an effect on the physical and psychological level and enables the healing of body, mind and soul.

The treatments can be carried out through the “laying onhands” or also through remote healing.

What is Reiki good for and for which treatments is Reiki suitable?

  • Revitalizes body, mind and soul
  • Improves the immune system
  • Prevents diseases and supports healing
  • Alleviates pain
  • Cleanses from toxic substances
  • Reduces stress
  • Brings harmony and inner peace
  • Supports the natural way of self-healing
  • Dissolves energy blockages
  • Balanced energies
  • Purifies the meridians
  • Also helps for animals and plants

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