Essential oils – dōTERRA

There is a herb for everything in nature.

The herbs and fragrances of nature provide natural support for physical and mental health and well-being. The scent provokes strong mental, physiological and emotional reactions.
The oils from dōTERRA are highly concentrated compounds of plant components, which thus unfold their full effectiveness.

dōTERRA Oils

The difference in the quality of the oils is due to the artistic application of the oils in their highest purity. This is one of the reasons why I chose dōTERRA and I am working as a consultant for dōTERRA.

I practice and teach yoga with all senses and agree on the appropriate oil composition for each hour topic. This supports the yoga practice on all levels.

dōTERRA guarantees the loving interaction with people and nature to maintain and support the well-being. dōTERRA is subject to the thorough and precise testing of the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol.

Use and methodology of essential oils

Rapid absorption through the sense of smell and thus quickly reaches the limbic system (diffuser, drops on hand and inhale, drops on lava stone or cotton wool).
External use
The oils penetrate quickly into the skin (as they are fat soluble and have a light molecular weight) - Local action (sole of the foot, wrist, spine or on the affected area).
Internal use
For the refinement of food and beverages and as a food supplement. Rapid absorption and distribution throughout the body.

Some of my favorite essential oils

The essential oils can support by specific use in different situations in life, for certain needs as well as daily situations. Here are some of my favorite oils:

Digestive system, immune system and respiratory tract: has a refreshing, energizing effect, balances emotions and much more. 1 drops with a teaspoon of honey in hot water for internal cleansing in the morning.
Digestive system, muscles and bones, nervous system, respiratory tract and skin: promotes concentration, cooling, invigorating, the best remedy for headaches and migraines, for stomach aches and much more.
Emotional, balance immune system, nervous system and skin: has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the immune system, increases spiritual awareness (for meditation), stabilising, balancing and much more. 1 drops on the tongue and stroke it along the palate "towards the brain", to "nourish the brain" as someone once told me.
Roman Chamonile
Emotional balance, skin, nervous system and plant doctor: has a calming, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect and much more. Use the oil for nervous restlessness and also very intuitive. I often reach for this oil. I love the smell. Also very fine in tea.
Amala Yoga

There is a herb for everything in nature.

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