The benefits of an individual yoga lesson are, that we can devote ourselves entirely to your individual needs, such as
– Deepen your yoga practice and raise it to a higher level
– Learn specific yoga poses
– Find inner peace and realign and recharge yourself
– Support your healing process after or during an injury with yoga. Practice yoga with musculoskeletal restrictions.
– Do yourself some good during or after pregnancy – you are welcome to bring your baby to yoga with you

I offer you an all-round well-being package in this yoga lesson inspired by Katonah Yoga®
– A protected space where you can unfold yourself
– An individual yoga practice
– Katonah Yoga technique
– Awareness of correct practice
– Essential oils (which accompany and support you in your practice and simply smell wonderful)
– Opportunity for personal growth physically and mentally
– A home yoga practice for you

My intention for you is to make you feel clear and powerful. Find joy and ease in movement, live your values with grace and intuition, and honor your personal growth journey.


Daily I’m practicing yoga in combination with pranayama and meditation to live in my center with serenity, lightness and well-being. With the goal of recognizing old patterns and replacing them with new ones in order to unfold my potential and gain insights.

On my exciting journey to gain new consciousness and find the meaning of my life, I came across the precious treasure of Katonah Yoga.

Other important components in my yoga practice are meditation and the practice of pranayama techniques. Pranayama are breathing techniques which have a calming effect on the mind and thoughts and help to focus inwards. In doing so, one can block out the world around one and set off on the path to knowledge.


Katonah Yoga® was developed in over 40 years by Nevine Michaan.

In Katonah Yoga, Taoism, sacred geometry, mathematical principles, mythology, metaphors and laws of nature are combined to achieve optimal organ and body function, spiritual insight and well-being.

“You need the right technique to feel safe. Safety allows you to have the vision and the vision allows the heart to sing. When the heart begins to sing, you get the revelation” Nevine Michaan.

In Katonah Yoga the body is seen as a house with 9 rooms that need to be regularly cleaned, ventilated and flooded with light.

– Stability in the lower body
– Ability in the upper body with all organs and emotions
– Vision for new viewing angles / perspectives

Pranayama - Prana (life energy)

Pranayama are breathing techniques that can be used for every situation in life. For an energy boost, for relaxation, to let go of certain issues, to recharge your batteries, to strengthen your self-confidence and much more. Pranayama also supports to enter into meditation, to find oneself in the here and now and to calm the thoughts.


It used to be unthinkable for me to sit still for just five minutes. Now I know that I simply lacked the right technique. There are different meditations for everyday situation, time of day and moon phase. You have to start playing with them.

Nature shows itself in patterns and patterns repeat themselves. Therefore it is also important for humans to repeat things in order to filter out the relevant information. It is the same with meditation. Listening to one’s natural breath, observing the movements of the chest and belly brings one to another level of consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga – unfolding of the soul!
An incredible journey that (has) positively changed my outer and inner world. It supports to recognize the meaning of life and to find the courage to live it. The energy is activated in the body and one comes into one’s own power.
The aura, chakras, intuition and nervous system are strengthened and brought into harmony. The entire glandular system is activated.
Balm for body, mind and soul – a gift.

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